Costa Rican Fatima Red Bourbon Anaerobic Natural

This fabulous Red Bourbon is grown by the Facusse family on their farm, Finca Tres Milagros, in Higuito, San Jose region at an altitude of 1550 masl. Cherries are handpicked and then lightly fermented in polypropylene bags for 48 hours. A secondary, anaerobic fermentation then occurs in sealed tanks for 96 hours before a 20 day drying period. There follows a further 2 to 3 month resting period before milling and export. The result is an exceptionally sweet coffee that oozes fruity flavours.

We produce this coffee in both espresso and filter roasts. 

Tasting notes: clementine; cream; brown sugar; pineapple; orange; plum.

Espresso recipe: 20g in, 40ml out, 26-27 seconds


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