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Our House Blend sums up who we are and what we do - delicious, rewarding but always accessible. Currently a mix of two superb Brazilian coffees. A pulped natural blend scoring 84+ called Cascavel Verde and a natural processed IMPACT certified example from the Araujo Reis family at Fazenda Salto in Carmo de Cachoeira. The resulting blend is full of sweet fruit, chocolate and nutty flavours with a delicate citrus acidity. 

Our Summer Seasonal Blend is a mix of Rwandan Akagera, a natural processed Red Bourbon grown by some of the 420 farmers working with the Akagera washing station, and a fully washed Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo and Typica mix from smallholders in Santa Maria Ozolotepec, Mexico. Together they create a rich and buttery blend oozing with fruit flavours.

This exceptional decaf is sourced from a blend of top-quality Colombian arabicas which are then naturally decaffeinated using Ethyl Acetate derived from molasses (hence "Sugarcane" decaf).

This superb natural processed Geisha is grown by Fredy Milton Morales and his father, Fredy Senior on their finca, Cascada Encantada, in Huehuetenango.

This fabulous Red Bourbon is grown by the Facusse family on their farm, Finca Tres Milagros, in Higuito, San Jose region at an altitude of 1550 masl.


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