WSC House Blend

Our signature House Blend is currently a mix of two superb Brazilian coffees. A pulped natural blend scoring 84+ called Cascavel Verde and a natural processed IMPACT certified example from the Araujo Reis family at Fazenda Salto in Carmo de Cachoeira. The resulting blend is full of sweet fruit, chocolate and nutty flavours with a delicate citrus acidity.

Cascavel Verde, which translates as green rattlesnake, is named after one of the best pest controllers a farm can have. The South American Rattlesnake plays a key role in controlling rodents on coffee farms and lends its name to this blend of pulped natural coffees sourced from a variety of farms. 

Fazenda Salto provides the other element of the blend and the Araujo Reis family, who have been growing coffee for over a century, are one of the very first farmers to be IMPACT certified. This new sustainability initiative in partnership with Sucafina ensures that the core values of environmental protection; care for their workers and their families; and the provision of high-quality coffee in a safe manner are delivered for the benefit of everyone. Fazenda Salto even has a school on site for the children of its 35 workers and other children from the local community. 

In turn, we’re also very excited to be the first UK roaster to bring an IMPACT certified coffee to market and the quality this coffee brings to our House Blend is well worth the premium we pay as our contribution to ensuring sustainability and high welfare in growing communities.

Tasting notes: dried fruit; brown sugar; dark chocolate; hazelnut; citrus

Espresso recipe: 20g in, 40ml out, 22-24 seconds


Brazil - Cascavel Verde

Brazil - Fazenda Salto IMPACT


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