WSC Summer Seasonal Blend

Our Summer Seasonal Blend is a mix of Rwandan Akagera, a natural processed Red Bourbon grown by some of the 420 farmers working with the Akagera washing station, and a fully washed Bourbon, Catuai, Mundo Novo and Typica mix from smallholders in Santa Maria Ozolotepec, Mexico. Together they create a rich and buttery blend oozing with fruit flavours.

Situated in the Western Province, the farms supplying Akagera station range from heights of 1,535 to 2,000+ metres above sea level. Many farmers in Rwanda have small coffee plots, usually around 250 trees, and most trees are intercropped with food crops like maize and potatoes. Despite their small size, for many, coffee remains the main cashcrop and their biggest source of income throughout the year. This natural processed Red Bourbon is hand picked and sorted to ensure optimum quality, then slowly dried over a period of 52 days after processing.

35 smallholder farmers in Santa Maria Ozolotepec in Oaxaca contribute to the fully washed Mexican component.These smallholders are members of the Galguera Gomez cooperative which supports producers with training and logistics. Each farm is typically one to three hectares in size and has approximately 200 to 500 shade trees (mostly cedar, oak, ash and pine). In addition to coffee, farmers also cultivate bananas and maize as cash and subsistence crops.

Tasting notes: dark chocolate; berry; caramel

Espresso recipe: 20g in, 40ml out, 26-27 seconds

Rwandan Akagera

Mexican Santa Maria Ozolotepec


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